👨‍💻 XnView or Usher?

Not too long ago I bought Usher for Mac because it was a good way to catalog and play the many MP4 files I have. It has decent features like indexing, video thumbnail and a built in player.

However, with a recent update to XnView that indexes MP4 and MKV file formats correctly, was Usher the right way to go?

Maybe not. With this XnView update, Usher has started to fall to the wayside. XnView shows video and image thumbnails in various sizes. This in addition to album covers for MP3 files.

Further, XnView has a built in video player, image viewer, preview, slideshow and provides details on file data. It’s also very easy to Copy, Move, Rename and Delete files. Additionally, XnView updates folder content on a dynamic basis and doesn’t require me to move files into a special folder to build a database of files.

In the end, Usher was a decent purchase, but XnView has almost reached feature parity. XnView was my first choice, but it didn’t always catalog MP4 or MKV files. That’s no longer the case.

So, if you’re looking for a fast, efficient video/image viewer/catalog tool, I suggest giving XnView a try. There have been a lot of improvements from a few months ago. It may not be the solution to every catalog need, but I’ve already drifted away from Usher and it just came out of beta.


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