🕵️‍♂️ Personal VPN as standard issue

With all the privacy concerns, data mining, data snooping, and companies selling out their users to the highest bidder, a VPN connection is becoming a necessity. It’s not about connecting to an unknown network, it’s about flipping the finger to ISPs, advertisers, marketers, data miners, and everyone else that’s spying and logging. It’s about encrypted and unlogged DNS that says mind your own damn business. Even Microsoft is selling users out, the OS is a platform to gather user data and sell it off.

Surfshark was my first foray into personal VPN. Now I have services on each computer and tablet.

My main machines use AdGuard and Surfshark with encrypted DNS going through the Surfshark tunnel. The tablets use AdGuard Pro and AdGuard VPN with AdGuard providing protected DNS lookup.

My ISP and everyone else doesn’t need to know what I read, what I look up, what my hobbies are, where I shop, what gifts I might be interested in, where I bank or anything else. Their job is to provide a service. What happens after that is none of their damn business.

It’s become common and accepted to track what users do and where they visit. Even to the point of lawsuits when their efforts get thwarted (Facebook). We’re getting way too close to the realities of 1984. Ok, it’s not quite that bad, but companies and providers need to be told to back the hell up.

A few years ago, VPN was only used to connect to a corporate network. A personal VPN wasn’t a thing. Now, there are multiple VPN providers to choose from, with more coming each year.

Personal VPN services will become as common place as anti-virus and ad-blockers.

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