🖼 Adding CameraBag Photo to my image editing toolbox

The application CameraBag Photo, which I’ve never heard of before, came up in a new releases feed and the description intrigued me.

CameraBag lets you instantly apply one of hundreds of beautiful presets to your photos (and videos with CameraBag Pro), and then dive deeper with ultra-intuitive professional adjustments.

Among the over 200 included fully-adjustable presets (including landscape, classic film emulation, vintage looks, modern photo styles, and more) are presets specifically designed for portrait photography, and other tools perfectly suited for editing portraits.

Wait, that sounds like Lightroom…

Turns out, it is. CameraBag is a cost effective, high performance alternative to Lightroom. And by cost effective, it’s $30.

At that price it has to be a toy, a cheap knock off, right?

No, it’s exactly what Lightroom used to be before it went off the rails and increased in price and bloat.

CamerBag Photo is all about color adjustment using Tones, Curves, Saturation, White Balance, and Exposure. Those can be fine tuned or use a collection of over 200 presets for color saturation, black and white, film grain, lighting, sepia, vintage, false night, F-Stop and many others.

All of these can be layered together, and images can be processed in a batch.

It took less than an hour of trying it out to add it to my cart. There are dozens of images I want to convert to grayscale, resize and manipulate for Halloween. Taking out the saturation and using the False Night settings seems perfect.

Good timing too as there is a 15% off sale right now. But, it’s possible to do even better. The coupon seems somewhat out of place, but HOLIDAY will yield a discount of 35%. That drops the price to $19. Can you say no to that? A Lightroom alternative for $19?

That may get pulled so give the equally out of context LABORDAY a try, which should be worth 25% off.

Even at full price, it’s hard to argue with the features, speed and presets of CamerBag Photo. It’s a keeper.


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