📕 Book Review – Tim Cook The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level

Continuing my biographical reads, I decided to dig a little deeper into Tim Cook, the man successfully pushing Apple through the trillion dollar stratosphere.

What we get is a man who comes from humble beginnings who mastered the art of Just in Time inventory. In fact, he took the concept some say was perfected at Dell, and advanced it by leaps and bounds. Not just implementing the process, but improving, enhancing and adapting it.

We also see a CEO with more worldly and charitable views that Steve Jobs. Let’s be honest, Jobs wasn’t concerned about or interested in charity. He felt his contributions to the universe were more than enough.

Not Tim. Through Apple, he’s donated hundreds of millions of dollars to different organizations. And not in foreign countries like others, but right in his own back yard. Million to education and other projects.

Jobs wasn’t too involved with the environment either. Under Cook, the goal is to make products where the previous generation can be recycled to make the next generation. There is always room for improvement, but it’s hard to see who’s done more.

Also under Cook we’ve seen massive strides in privacy, fitness and health. Let’s be real, being a watch is about the least significant thing the Apple Watch does. It’s a brilliant health and fitness monitor. We’re so close to the next release which is the one I’m going to get. The features are just too good to ignore.

When Jobs passed, most of the so called experts claimed Apple was done. There was no way to carry on. No one could compete with the vision of Jobs.

Not only were they wrong, Cook has pushed Apple beyond the boundaries of any company in existence. Now it’s going to be “Who can top what Cook has done?” “Who is the next CEO to continue the meteoric trajectory of Apple?”

It’s more difficult to see who will be the visionary after Cook and everything he’s accomplished.

There is one painfully annoying thing. Apple and Cook have done more for education, the environment, recycling, worker rights, equality, and advancement than any other company, yet people are still crying it isn’t enough, or it’s too slow.

I can’t imagine how it could be done better or faster. It’s so simple, go ahead and make your own trillion dollar company and show the rest of us how it’s done.

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