📱Where is the iPad mini Pro?

I thought the California Streaming event was quite enjoyable. I’m also amused at the off target guesses by the experts. Not to mention the pointless commentary on how Apple didn’t release “The next big thing.” Sure, anyone can release the next big thing year after year after year. It’s totally easy.

Anyway, I see that Apple Watch 7 in my future. The others offerings were solid upgrades for people who haven’t updated in awhile. Seriously, you can’t upgrade every year.

I really liked the camera array for the iPhone 13 Pro. It made me think, why not make an iPad mini Pro and give it that same camera configuration?

While watching the segment where they make a video with the iPhone, I thought the iPad mini would be the perfect size to use. It has a great screen for viewing and editing. Easy to mount, or use with one hand. You could confirm your rack focus shots more easily too. I did think that was kinda cool.

There is an iPhone Pro, iPad Pro, seems like the iPad mini should get a Pro model with go for broke processor and camera setup.

Then comes the cry, “People wouldn’t buy the iPhone!” Bah humbug. That’s not an argument. People will buy the iPhone anyway. An iPad mini with the same set of cameras won’t take anything away from that purchase. If anything, use the two of them together. I’ve seen a few YouTube creators going that route.

Feels like the iPad mini is just the right size for some movie making.

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