⛔ Path Finder, why do you disappoint me so?

After working with and enjoying Path Finder for about a year, it’s time for us to part ways, and not under good terms. Path Finder was a great deal in a previous Bundlehunt Sale, and is a full featured file management tool. So what’s the problem?

Turns out it’s actually a subscription, and that doesn’t fly.

It’s not just a simple matter of no more updates, I’m fine with that. The software reverts to Trial mode, the nags begin, and clearly it’s only a matter of days before it stops working.

I can’t keep using what I’ve already paid for. I don’t rent software, so that’s the end of our relationship.

I don’t agree with this sort of business model, so I’m not going to support it. What’s more frustrating, none of this is written out on the site. Nothing states the software stops working at the end of your “year.” You are entitled to free upgrades for a year after purchase. No issue there, that’s standard practice. Nothing says the app will deactivate. That’s a deal breaker and we are done.

Time to find something else. There’s no shortage of file management tools for the Mac.

This space for rent.
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