🍏 Disappointing Apple Event?

No surprise, the web is abuzz with reactions to the Apple event. Oddly, a lot of them are filled with disappointment. People are disappointed because there wasn’t enough “stuff.” The upgrades weren’t “big enough.”

That makes me laugh.

They’re disappointed not because there was something wrong with the event or the offerings. They’re disappointed because they listened to a bunch of “leakers” who hyped up expectations for products that never existed.

People go into these events expecting the world because some “leaker” also known as someone who “guesses,” made a 3D render of something he thought was cool. Or made the claim, they knew a guy, who knew a guy, who overheard another guy talking about Apple. They have no insight into what’s going to be released.

People feel cheated, not because Apple promised something and didn’t deliver. They feel cheated because they didn’t get a feature they can’t name and was never listed in the first place. So they lose their minds.

It’s laughable there are comments like, “The next big thing,” yet no one says what it is. They want to complain because they didn’t see it, yet they have no idea what it should be. If it were so easy to make the next big thing each and every year, it wouldn’t be called the next big thing would it?

Saying, “It wasn’t enough” is on you, not Apple. Apple didn’t promise something, then didn’t deliver.

People wanted something based on a guess from a guy looking to generate website traffic, and when it didn’t happen, they cried. Good decision making paradigm.

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