⌚ Stop being so petty

With the release of the new Apple Watch, it’s time for all the petulant children to fold their arms, stomp their feet, hold their breath and say how bad it is because it’s not the right color. Nevermind the featurs, let’s focus on the trivial.

  • It’s not the right color.
  • It’s too dark.
  • It’s too light.
  • It’s too round.
  • It’s not round enough.
  • That silver isn’t the right kind of silver I was looking for.
  • I’m not buying one anyway, but if I was, I wouldn’t, because I don’t like the colors.

Ironic that these are the same comments in the opposite direction about the iMac colors. They were too dark. How dare they add white bezels? It doesn’t have an Apple logo on the front. How could you put the audio jack there?

Forget the technology, the features, or the benefits. It’s not about gauging the products on what it can do and it’s improvements. It’s trivial comments about how the blue just isn’t quite blue enough…

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.
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