👨‍💻 Intel’s rage against the machine

The idiotic ads from Intel point to a serious crisis they seem to be facing at the moment.

First, why single out Apple? Why not AMD? They’re an actual rival who’s also kicking Intel’s ass. Threadripper and Ryzen have been mocking Intel for a couple years now.

Second, is Intel bitter over the billions they lost because of Apple Silicon? And the billions they lose each quarter as more home users pick up Apple computers?

Microsoft and Dell are probably upset for the same reason. Their home user base must be shrinking.

It starts with getting an iPhone because clearly there is no Windows phone. That positive experience leads to an iPad, which leads to getting a Mac of some flavor. Users love the ease of use, the fact they aren’t constantly running maintenance tools, and the impressive integration. Windows has no comparison.

It’s also ironic that Intel chose “customization” as their pillar of strength. It’s because of customization that Windows’ users shoot themselves in the foot. I worked in tech support for Microsoft 10 years and Windows users are every bit as dumb and foolhardy as Intel claims Mac users are.

They will click, and click, and click without one iota of understanding of the consequences. The “tech savvy” members of the family then take steps to lock the machine down so their non-tech savvy counterparts can’t do anymore damage to themselves.

Further, Microsoft has taken massive steps to curtail the customizations because of all the problems it causes. And in the Business Enterprise, customization is not an option.

Large corporations choose Windows because it allows them to control users and be gatekeepers. They spend millions on System Admins, DevOps, and domain controllers to take customization privileges away.

The first order of business is to lock down the system so users can’t install software. They can’t update. They can’t add drivers. They can’t do anything the company hasn’t approved. Where’d the customization go?

There was also the comment about games. There are hundreds and hundreds of games available for the Mac on Steam. But, as the cliche goes, you don’t buy a Mac to play games. If you want to get work done, you buy a Mac. If you want to play games, you buy a Windows machines. Or, just as easily, buy an iPad, there are plenty of badass games for the iPad.

So many of the Intel examples are grossly misleading. I guess when you’re angry and lashing out, you’re not thinking straight.

Poor Intel.
Poor Microsoft.
Poor Dell.

It’s like the love is gone…

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