👩‍💻 An impressive array of features in DevUtils ⌘

Like several apps in my tool belt, I picked up DevUtils in a Bundlehunt sale. It wasn’t on my original list of tools to get, but the feature set looked really good. It has turned out to be a real gem. And getting more polished with each release.

Originally, I was drawn to the JSON formatter, XML Beautify, and Text Diff Checker. I use those all the time in my QA work. Further, it’s just a bad idea to paste company text and code into random websites to get the same functionality.

I also became a fan of the RegEx Tester. I can use all the help I can get with RegEx, and this is very handy. I have a tool called Patterns, but if I’m already in DevUtils, why open something else? Further, Pattens hasn’t seen an update in a couple of years. Might not need it, but still, new OS version have come along.

DevUtils has regular updates and each refines and improves the already solid offerings. Now there is the SQL Formatter, which I’m very excited about. My poor query skills can at least look professional.

The case converter is always handy. I have TextSoap, which handles this, but again, if I’m already in DevUtils, why jump to something else?

There is also the String Case Converter to get the casing of variable names tight!

There are other tools including the Markdown Editor, Lorem ipsum generator, QR code generator and several other tools that are a big benefit to QA testing. Lots of validation tools and sample data creation.

I’m a big fan of DevUtils. If you’re working with JSON, XML, need to verify some RegEx, compare some text, create a Hash, format some SQL, or convert some text, DevUtils is the way to go.

DevUtils – https://devutils.app/

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