🎃 Some fun with Hallow’s Eve from JixiPix 👻

With the festive Halloween season almost upon us, it’s time to get into the spirit of things. See what I did there?

This includes dressing up the desktop with some fun wallpaper. One tool that comes into play is Hallow’s Eve by JixiPix. It’s a simple tool for giving images a Halloween look, but there’s a bit more to it.

While things can get a little over the top when selecting their Presets, it actually has 3 very cool features that make it a fun graphics tool.

First, you can change the “Tone” of an image. The typical scenario would be to use blacks, browns, orange, blue, green, red, etc, to create a “cast” over the image. This darkens the image and gives an ambient feel. Dark blues cool the image down and make it look like night time. Browns give a sepia tone feel to age an image. Red gives a sinister aspect. Select a color and the image changes quite dramatically.

Next, you can use the sliders for Contrast and Darken Scene. Both of these work to adjust the brightness and color saturation of the image to mute the colors and brightness. Even bright images can be made to look drab and worn out.

Another effect is “Cloud Strength.” Choose from 20 different styles of dark clouds and rain effects. Scenes will immediately look overcast and weathered. For outdoor scenes and mansions it gives the appropriate dark and stormy night feel.

Lastly, there is the Halloween Objects panel. From here you can overlay pumpkins, skulls, headstones, zombies and other decorations. There are a couple of good lightning and fog effects. If you could add your own to the library, that would be pretty cool.

The presets layer these on a bit thick, but they can be scaled back. After adding a dark cast, adding clouds and rain, then layering on some fog and lightning you will quickly have a suitable Halloween image.

Sure, just about every graphics app out there can do the same, but Hallow’s Eve provides the effects using one-click actions. You basically can’t go wrong. And if you’re not sure where to start, there’s a randomize feature.

For $3.99, (free for a limited time) it’s hard to beat the features. The Tone, Contrast, Darken Scene, and Cloud Strength make it well worth playing around with. With just a few clicks any image can be ready for Halloween.

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