🍎 Apple Event – Unleashed – Oct 18.

Exciting times, a new Apple Event is right around the corner. And lots of guesses about the content. Personally, I’m anxious to see the new Mac mini, if there is one. I would be thrilled if it’s more inline with the rumors of a Mac mini Pro.

I would love to see the Mac mini grow up and become a Mac. A real Mac with a lot more ram, not just 32GB or even 64GB. But, a model that goes much further with 128-256GB ram and 4-8TB hard drive.

I’d love to see the Mac mini break out of it’s shell and be showcased as a full fledged desktop machine, not just an entry level Mac. There needs to be a bridge between the mini and the Pro.

I doubt it will happen, it’s too soon for another iMac, but is the 30 inch perhaps in the cards? That will be a spectacular machine to see. I’d love to see that mature with lots of ram and hard drive space as well. A real desktop machine, not just for Zoom calls or occasional use.

Anyway, we should see what the next tier has in store for us, and perhaps get a glimpse of what the final lineup will be.

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.
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