👩‍💻 Some fun with Spektrel Art from JixiPix 🖼

Spektrel Art is one of my favorite tools from JixiPix. It turns images into interesting works of art by saturating the colors, blending and blurring lines, and creating texture patterns that give any image a unique look.

From their website:

Spektrel Art features a Light and Dark style. The light one glimmers and gleams with white tapered light, and the dark one creates a stark contrast of black intersecting lines. Each style allows you to exaggerate them with glowing color and soften or smooth the art form for a variety of out-of-this-world fun and imaginative imagery.

Depending on the preset, images and details can be made lighter or darker. Lines details can be extended, or blurred together. Images can take on a neon or glow effect or can be darkened to create deep details and lines.

The result is an image that looks familiar but in a new way. For example, night scenes become more vivid and detailed. Lights will glow with a vibrance and shadows will be deeper. Beach scenes become more vibrant with palm trees and ocean waves becoming more luxuriant. Buildings can be more abstract or outlined with dark details. This gives photos a painted, sketched or brushed appearance. They are immediately familiar, but unique.

Because of the effects used, even images that have flaws, such as being blurry, over or underexposed can be made to look impressive. Those imperfections are easily blended and even enhance the photo.

Here’s a few examples using beach scenes and bottles. The trailing effects and smooth texture give a long exposure feel.

Then again, I could be wrong.
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