🎨 Some fun with Portrait Painter from JixiPix 🖼

Another really fun tool from JixiPix is Portrait Painter. As the name suggests it takes a photo and gives it the look and feel of a painting complete with brush strokes, stroke length, canvas texture, and color palette.

As with other JixiPix tools, there is a series of Presets available. Those can give great results or can be a starting point. Using the sliders for the different strengths and lengths, you can turn a landscape image into a painting. For example, trees and clouds will have a brushed effect. The Eiffel Tower will have a suitable painted effect. Hard edges and crisp lines will be blended together to give a textured look.

I’ve tried quite a few apps and plugins to achieve a painted look, including Corel Painter. They aren’t bad, but I think Portrait Painter gives the best results and is far cheaper than any other choice out there.

Portrait Painter by JixiPix

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