⌘ Hot snippet action with Snippety

Snippety is a tool I stumbled across by accident, and it’s a little gem. I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner.

Snippety performs simple tasks like converting text from upper to lower to proper (title) case. It can store code fragments. It can store long blocks of text.

While that sounds like SnippetsLab and TypeIt4Me, there is a neat little trick that makes Snippety a worthwhile tool in the toolbox.

It can prompt for input, then perform text substitution. This falls right inline with form letters, variable substitution in code, and generating custom text within a template.

For example, Snippety can prompt for a name and include that name in your text fragment.

Snippety can offer a custom dropdown, such as products, then use that selection in the output text.

It can also drop in the date and grab the clipboard content.

It combines some of the features of SnippetsLab, with TypeIt4Me, and TextSoap, sprinkling in a dash of Keyboard Maestro.

Once you create some custom templates, you can generate consistent output data at the touch of a key. Just the thing for code development and QA.

Further, it’s totally free. That part floored me.

A tool this powerful is available for free in the App Store.

This is the perfect tool for generating custom SQL or automation code. It’s perfect for fixing simple text issues like upper/lower case. It’s the perfect tool for generating consistent output text from text fragments.

Jump over to Snippety for MacOS and grab a copy to get moving in the right direction with snippets and text formatting.

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