🖼 Some fun with Picture Collage Maker from PearlMountain

Since I wrote about CollageIt, it’s worthwhile mentioning it’s bigger brother, Picture Collage Maker. They both come from PearlMountain so the feature set is similar and familiar.

Picture Collage Maker has more templates such as Social Media, Disc Cover, Calendar, Greeting Card and others.

It also features more backgrounds, adding “pages”, and a bit more in the way of page layout. It does fall much more inline with scrapbooking.

Picture Collage Maker can perform all the functions of CollageIt, but not the other way around. Not that CollageIt is scaled down, it feels more Web driven, whereas Picture Collage Maker feels more print centric with some nice Web additions.

If you want more templates, stickers, shapes and masks, Picture Collage Maker is the way to go. Still, it’s easy to use and can just as easily make a Before/After web image when you need it.

Picture Collage Maker

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