🎮 Idle games for iPad

I’m not fully versed in “idle” games, but I have come to discover I quite like them. There are times when we like a game distraction, but aren’t in the mood for twitch reflexes, overt strategy, and investing hours for a quest setup only to be defeated at the last second. That’s where “idle” games come in.

So far, I find myself investing time in Tides and My Oasis. Rest assured, there are dozens more. This seems to be a blossoming genre in the App Store.

Of course, if you want the best idle game experience, you need GodVille. 🙂

Basically, an idle game is one that takes minimum actual play time on your part. You set the wheels in motion, put the game aside, and check back in a few hours to continue your progress. While the game sits idle, you earn “currency” that can be used to upgrade you to the next tier.

Idle games don’t take skill or strategy to get ahead. In the truest and best sense, they are time wasters. There is no chance of being conquered. There is no chance of losing a precious item. There is no chance of having your creation destroyed. You merely decide how to invest your currency, come back in a few hours and make decisions on what’s next.

In most cases the games are free to play for an extended time, then ask for a small fee to remove ads. Some have small fee up front to remove the most common ads.

Once “purchased” you aren’t forced to see any more ads, but you will be enticed with a 2x collection bonus if you do. That seems fair since it’s optional.

The main drawback to games like this is their store. For a game that’s supposed to be relaxing, or anxiety relieving, there are way too many greedy options for sale. You can progress faster, for a price, whether it be $0.99 or $39.99.

Creating a store with such high priced items runs counter to the idea of playing a game to reduce stress. It’s quite a shame.

Having ads I can see and understand. $99 for gems on a idle game? Where’s the logic in that? That’s not really an idle game anymore is it?

With that in mind, idle games can be amusing and engaging. You can invest as much or as little time as you like. Just don’t go investing hundreds of dollars on gems, that defeats the purpose. You’ll for damn sure have anxiety when the credit card bill comes due.

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