💻 Apple finally releases a new Mac

And there it is. After decades of waiting we finally get a new Mac. The Mac Studio is a desktop machine that fits between the Mac mini, which is a good machine, but has always felt lightweight, and the Mac Pro, which is also great, but comes with a shocking price tag to get the specs you want, and had that unfortunate 6 year gap between upgrades.

The Mac Studio fits the bill for a desktop machine with plenty of power with room to grow.

The first comment will be about the price, it’s too expensive. I disagree.

With two variants, the M1 Max version is a great step up from the Mac mini.

The M1 Ultra is the right fit for those of us who want to upgrade from the 2010/2012 Mac Pro.

Both machines are ready for today’s tasks and for what the future holds.

Further, a “loaded” Mac Studio is a machine that will still be useful in 6-8 years from now. So, if you spend $6000, it comes to $1000 a year, far less than upgrading every two years. With no moving parts aside from the fans, it should be built to last.

The Mac Studio Ultra will be replacement for my Mac Pro, when the day finally comes. Now that the machine is actually out, I know what to shoot for. Even though this Mac Pro is from 2010, and I’ve had it for 7 years, it’s still going strong. Yes, it needs to be upgraded, mainly for new OS features, but there is nothing wrong with this rig. I still do all my daily work, and control a Windows machine using it.

I can’t wait to read the review of the Ultra model. Reports are already coming in that it runs circles around the 2019 Mac Pro. If all that is true, by the time they come back in stock and I get my other financial commitments out of the way, I will be looking to order up a fully loaded Mac Studio.

And loving it.

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