🖥️ Is the iMac Dead? Doubtful

In fact, we probably just got a preview of what the next iMac will look like – the Studio Display.

If you take a step back, the Studio Display is an iMac. It has the thicker case, 27 inch size, speakers, camera and processor already inside. It even has processors, albeit not an M1 model.

However, that’s an iMac Studio.

It’s entirely possible the XDR variant wasn’t ready in quantity for a 30/32 inch model. Apple had a solid monitor with some nice trimmings, so offered it up as a compliment to the Studio line.

Apple now has time to refine the display for a larger chassis. It would also make for a stunning progression throughout the year – an Apple Silicon Mac Pro, an Apple Silicon 30 inch iMac, and a refreshed Intel Mac Pro. Not to mention another jump in the iPad Pro and iOS 16, making it more macOS like.

The timing is debatable, but:
The iMac Studio may be the focus of WWDC
The refreshed Intel Mac Pro in August/September
Apple Silicon Mac Pro in September/October
iPad Pro with a new iOS and Mac like features

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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