💰The Price of the Mac Studio

It’s no secret the price of a fully loaded Mac Studio with M1 Ultra, 128GB ram, 64 GPU cores, and 8TB drive is over $8000. And many scoff at that saying it’s either a waste of money, or they could build a far better Intel based system for less.

Doubtful, but a $6000 Mac and a $6000 “Windows machine” aren’t the same.

98% of the time a $6000 Windows machine is used for gaming. Yes, it can do other things, but that’s not it’s primary function.

It’s a machine built to get every last ounce of performance for frames per second in a first person shooter, FPS in an FPS.

Plus, it will be a tower of a machine, with RGB for days, water cooling, and a lifetime of maintenance. Not to mention sucking down power and heating up the room.

That’s neat, but in my world, not very practical.

98% of the time, a $6000 Mac is used to make the most productive and efficient machine you’ve ever put your hands on, tackling dozens of tasks simultaneously and thereby giving massive amounts of career capital.

Further, over the course of 6 years, that $6000 Intel machine will need to go through several upgrades to keep current.

The $6000 Mac will still be going strong in 6 years.

Case in point, I spent a lot of money on this used Mac Pro. I spent more than most people pay for a loaded new machine.

However, 7 years later, I’m still using it. I use it every day and because of it’s capabilities, in both hardware and software, I’ve earned multiple raises, far exceeding the cost of the machine. So, yes, it is expensive, but that money can easily be earned back.

When it comes to the Mac, it’s not just the computer. It’s the hardware, OS, and software. In short, it’s the experience. They work together in a far more seamless and fluid way.

I use Windows every day, and it’s far clunkier, needs more maintenance, and the software isn’t as good as what I have for my Mac.

I can solve more problems with my Mac. It’s many times easier to create custom solutions for tasks I face. I can automate repetitive tasks and get work done much faster.

Working with Windows is a race against the clock. Get as much done before it needs to be rebooted for a security update, driver update, patch, or some other needy thing.

Yes, that same $6000 machine can handle other tasks. It can spend it’s life running Microsoft Office.

Yes, that same $6000 Mac Studio can play games. There are hundreds of titles on Steam, don’t be silly.

No, I would never spent $6000 on a Windows machine, that is throwing money away.

Yes, I will spent $6000 on a Mac, that’s an investment.

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