⌘ Filling in forms with Keyboard Maestro

I’ve run into this situation multiple times, in working with a website, for some reason I can’t understand, they don’t allow information to be pasted into a field. It needs to be typed and tools like RoboForm and StickyPassword are thwarted. It seems to deliberately block them, which makes no sense, because form filling tools provide far more accuracy and consistency than typing by hand.

To get around this inconvenience, I’ve employed the help of Keyboard Maestro.

Using the Insert Text by Typing, it’s now possible to paste text consistently and not be victim of “fat-fingering” an important piece of information.

There is another function I have found to be beneficial to add, the Pause Until Conditions are Met action. Couple this with The Left Mouse Button is Pressed. This allows me to click into the field, then the text is typed.

This can set to run with a hotkey button or by bringing up the Keyboard Maestro, Trigger Macro by Name panel.

Type the name of the macro, then click into the field. Viola, the text is “typed” correctly. Tab to the next field and do it again.

I’ve had to do this with several banking forms and it’s rather ridiculous. The very fact you have to type the values sets you up for making a mistake.

A two line macro of:
Pause Until All Conditions Met, Left Button is Pressed
Insert Text by Typing

Will make a world of difference.

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