M2 for 2024, maybe 2026

There’s already rumor and speculation on M2 and how they will be used in the next refresh. While M2 is on the way, it won’t be until 2024, maybe 2026.

Apple will finish 2022 with the current M1 chips, and one for the Mac Pro.

Apple will spend 2023 updating the design, screen, bezels, and port layouts, getting the machine ready for the next generation of silicon.

In 2024, the M2 chips could start to appear, but across the board?

An M2 chip in the MacBook Air? Is that reasonable or even necessary? Can that be done and still keep it finless?

It’s possible, but…

Apple could slide their offerings to the left with each model getting the next tier up due to the previous year redesign. M1 Pro in an Air seems disable.


Using their current production and inventory, and to keep costs down, Apple could leave M2 until 2026, yet weave together two of the current M1 models. Two M1. Two M1 Pro. Two M1 Max.

It’s an increase to performance with minimum impact to production and end-user cost.

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