A quick look at MonsterWriter from Bundlehunt

I’ve got Scrivener, so from a word processing standpoint I’m pretty set, but I’m intrigued by MonsterWriter. I saw this name come up a month or so ago for writing a thesis or paper.

I’m not writing either one of those, but the emphasis is on citation, footnotes, and cross-reference. As luck would have it, MonsterWriter is on sale at Bundlehunt. I’ve picked up a copy to give it a try.

I’ve just started, but I see you access functions using keyboard shortcuts, specifically CMD-I to access the menus for footnote, or reference.

The editor uses Markdown formatting, so each block can use different formatting. One block can be a paragraph, then code, then a quote, then back to paragraph. You can use the Markdown codes or hover outside the block to change formatting.

It looks pretty useful, but we’ll have to see how it compares to Scrivener. Is this a path I should follow or is this folly and I need to stick with Scrivener?

I need to work with it more, but even as a Markdown editor, it’s not bad. For $3, I can’t say it was a bad investment.


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