💾 A quick look at myPointPro from the App Store 💿

It started with the idea to dim my other monitors while working to cut down on distractions and the amount of light they put out. When needed, I want to set the other 3 screens to black or mostly black. An easy task.

I found ScreenFocus, which did the job, but $7.99 for a simple tasks seems expensive. A look around the App Store shows several other variants for much cheaper or with more features.

I’ve chosen myPoint Pro, which has Screen Shades as well as Locator, Halo, and Grid.

Locator and Halo add animation around the cursor making it easier to find on multiple screens. And when you click, it shows the action has been taken.

The Shade dims all monitors or a specific one. It can also use an overlay to color the monitor for different light conditions.

Grid adds a grid to the screen, for working with layouts.

For $6.99, myPoint Pro offers some nice features, and to me, better value. If you don’t need the extras, there is a Shade only version for $2.99.

If ScreenFocus works for you, excellent, just showing other options are available.

myPoint Pro

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