⌚ Finally got an Apple Watch

It’s finally happened. After the long wait, and supply shortages, I’ve managed to get an Apple Watch. Just in time for the new model to come out, but there will always be a new model right around the corner.

But, the Apple Watch is very cool, even though being a watch is the least significant thing it does. In fact, I’ve been surrounded by devices that tell time for the last 30 years, so I haven’t had a need for a watch.

However, I didn’t get the Apple Watch to tell time, it’s my fitness and health monitor. I’m specifically interested in the Activity and Heart sections. I want to know what my workout BPM is, my resting heart rate, the number of steps I take, and a rough guess on how many calories are burned in a day.

I’ve even added walking to my routine because there is a stride measurement that can possibly identify issues from your walking gate.

So far, I’m very impressed. There is a ton I’m ignoring, but that’s fine for now. The easiest part of the routine is standing, but it’s a good thing to remember to do.

The data tells me my heart health is very good. I have a low resting heart rate, my heart rate is 150-160 when working out, and that is drops back to normal quite rapidly after I finish. It also tells me I walk over 30 miles per week. I had no idea.

I’m glad there are device like the Apple Watch, FitBit, and Whoop bands. They give us the tools to take control of our fitness, track our progress, and now give early warning signs of abnormal condition.

It will be amazing to see what’s available in 5 years from now. These tools won’t replace doctors or visits, but will make them more meaningful by giving a complete picture of you as an individual. Instead of guessing about how much you exercise per month or year, or the calories burned, or your heart rate dynamic, it’s readily available.

This is good because the metrics they gather at the office are never right. At least for me, whenever I have blood pressure taken, I go from being relaxed to my heart racing and the numbers are all screwed up. This is so much better.

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.

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