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Even if you aren’t in school, it’s a great time to get a deal on AdGuard and AdGuard VPN. With today’s Internet being what it is, AdGuard is a must have. Even if you only install the browser plugin, it’s dangerous to be without ad-blocking, and tracker blocking.

If you go through AdGuard, you can save up to 80% on AdGuard and AdGuard VPN. You can get a Personal license, which covers 3 devices, or the Family Plan, which covers up to 10. This includes desktop, and mobile.

If you want to save a little more, you can make a purchase through StackSocial. They have AdGuard and AdGuard VPN at a substantial discount. You can get an AdGuard Lifetime license for $20, and 5 years of AdGuard VPN for $40.

StackSocial handles the purchase, but your licenses are still managed within AdGuard. I have my licenses through StackSocial.

Without a doubt, I recommend the AdGuard and VPN combo. I’ve had the full version of AdGuard on my Mac for two years and it has blocked nearly 600,000 ads and stopped over 1.7 million trackers. That’s a lot of garbage that didn’t reach my machine. My other Mac is over 2.5 million ads blocked.

Why get the AdGuard full version over just the browser plugin? The browser plugin works within the browser. The full version protects other Internet aware apps. I use it for DevonThink Office Pro, DevonAgent, Downie, etc. If it loads a web page, AdGuard should be able to offer protection.

I’ve had AdGuard VPN for several months now, right as it come out in Beta. I simply wouldn’t be without it. It makes browsing safer and more private. It even helps to keep your ISP from snooping on your DNS queries. Amazon and Netflix know what you view on their site, but your provider doesn’t need that info.

AdGuard is brilliant and is absolutely worth the small investment.

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