🔐 Storing private information locally

Cloud storage is great, but sometimes local storage is better.

I’ve discussed my use of encrypted and password protected DMG files to store application documents. However, what’s an easy way to securely store other private info that’s not used for a web form?

It’s possible to use a Scrivener document, a password protected DevonThink Office Pro database or a spreadsheet. A better choice is a dedicated tool like Concealer. It’s built to store simple, but confidential information.

Cloud storage is fine, right up to where it doesn’t work. There’s plenty of stories about compromised data. Not to mention, if you don’t have Internet access, you don’t have your data. Locally stored data is always accessible.

So, what would you store in Concealer and not in a password manager?

  • Contact information for an account rep
  • Company bank account details
  • Emergency credit card details
  • Software contract information
  • Health care details
  • SSN for family members
  • Storage facility/locker combinations
  • Low level BIOS or disk vault passwords
  • Security question/answer combinations
  • Database passwords
  • Volume license keys

I don’t need these in the cloud. These are codes for physical devices I have near me or information I need to say verbally over the phone.

The Concealer database is a password protected file stored locally on my machine. It’s always available.

If I needed to, I could be store the database inside another container (DMG), then copy it to iCloud, Dropbox, etc.

As is the norm for Mac apps, other choices are available. I like Concealer, because it’s quick, simple, and effective.

If you need more database style features with customizable fields, there are apps like Data Guardian. It’s quite powerful, but more than I need.

Concealer is working very nicely for me and I’m pleased to have confidential information where I need it.

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