💰 Some awesome deals on Bundlehunt

Time to share the love of a discounted software sale.

I’ve mentioned Bundlehunt several times in the past as a source to get quality apps for a massive discount. Ironically they have an app on sale I said was awesome but too expensive – Wordcounter. To reiterate, it’s a good app, but worth $5.99 max.

Bundlehunt now makes that a reality. I just picked up a copy of Wordcounter for $3, down from the regular $19.99. At that price, I snatched it up without hesitation, and if you’re into writing, whatever the style, it’s worth looking into. Track how much you write, and in which app. Very useful when the price is right.

There are other great bargains on other great tools like Find Any File, which I’ve been using to find and delete files across all my drives. It has fantastic features and there is no way you can argue with the $1.50 price tag.

There is also the clipboard manager iClip, the full release of Video Proc, Finder Windows, Calendar 366, and Text Workflow. In total, there are 45 apps to check out, but I’m not familiar with all of them. I’ve used the apps listed above, except iClip because I have CopyLess, and I can vouch for them all. They’ve survived the big spring cleaning so I’m definitely using them.

If you haven’t checked out Bundlehunt, it’s a great place to get quality apps at a massive discount. The inventory changes every month, but there hasn’t been a sale where I didn’t pick up at least two new apps. This explains why I have so many apps installed.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.
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