🗑 When will SpamSieve start working?

In my battle against the hundreds of spam messages I’m getting, I’ve installed SpamSieve, because the reviews say you train it to block all types of spam.

After flagging over 500 messages as spam, SpamSieve has blocked exactly zero (0). Even though it has 730+ blocklist rules, and filtered over 73k words, not a single message has been flagged as spam. It clearly isn’t doing shit.

There are two problems, there was a misconfiguration on my part, and the rules are overly specific.

In looking at the Blocklist, I see why there are over 700 entries. The rules are set to use is equal to for way too many fields. Take the use of address:


That’s a useless set of rules. Obviously the From field will never be the same thing twice.

That problem persists for other fields, for example there are dozens of rules where the subject is equal to followed by a load of gibberish.

Loɯe's Reɯαrds"" "",9225018

WTF is that?

The rule isn’t going to work unless I get the exact same email, from the exact same address.

SpamSieve, what are you doing? Why are you so stupid? This is the “trainable” aspect? You have a database of 730 pointless rules.

Maybe this is bad training on my part, maybe this is exactly how it works, but I’m not impressed. I’ll need to edit and delete about 90% of these, change is equal to to contains or use some RegEx magic. But, what the hell is the point of training an app if I have to make adjustments to all the rules myself? How is this better than the built in mail rules? If I have to fix everything SpamSieve does, why not just make the rules myself? This is the exact waste of time I was looking to prevent.

SpamSieve is on borrowed time, BuhoCleaner is revving up as we speak. I’m willing to correct the rules and try again, but I wonder what the point of SpamSieve is. Does it rely on the “corpus” to scan incoming messages? Does it have far more advanced heuristics? Hopefully this is my goof and misunderstanding and we can get back on track.

I’ve now got two problems, I’m wasting my time with spam, and wasting my time with the spam filtering tool.

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