🏝️ Mac Studio on the far, distant horizon

Now that an Apple Silicon Mac Pro has returned to the lineup, it’s time to work toward a new Mac Studio.

The Studio and Pro are the same machine, except for expansion slots. They have the exact same high end configuration for ram, cores, and GPU. Since the Pro doesn’t support extended ram, or adding video cards, I don’t have a need for the expansion slots. This means a fully loaded Mac Studio is my destination, but it’s going to take quite some time to get there.

Even saving $1k per month, a Mac Studio is more than 8 months away (don’t forget taxes, which will be a massive hit at that level). That puts us in 2024 for starters. That also puts a new machine within sight of the M3, or does it?

Will there be talk of an M3 Ultra coming in June 2024? Is that model 18 months away? Regardless, a lot can and will happen in those 8-9 months by the time I’m ready for the next machine.

Since I’ve gotten my last few machines off the used market, does it makes sense to return to the well when it comes to a Mac Studio? Will there be plenty of people getting rid of their M2 Max machines in favor of the M2 Ultra? Can you really scoff at a M2 Max with 128GB ram and all the cores?

Is it better to get a new machine, right from Apple, and not go the used route? Does the Mac Pro 2019 still speak to me as an upgrade path? It does, but I will get a current model first. I want the thrill, excitement, and heartache of upgrading to a new OS right when it comes out.

I don’t think I’ll upgrade to the 2019, but I’m not against that machine. It’s still pretty bad ass with storage slots, ram slots, and expansion for video cards. Maybe as a secondary machine to replace my other agin Mac Pro.

I’m glad the Mac Pro has finally arrived. The transition is over, and it shows the Mac Studio isn’t a stop gap machine. There are no guarantees, but it should remain a permanent addition to the lineup. Of course, what about the iMac (Studio) Pro? Can we really discount the iMac Pro making a comeback with some M2 Ultra action? If you can fit the M2 in the iPad and 24 inch iMac, a Pro version easily fits into the Studio Display.

Now that I’ve decided on a machine, it’s all about the timing. What will the landscape look like in a year? How close will we be to an M3 Ultra?

The 2013 Mac Pro gives me plenty of time to save and make a decision. Obviously, the 2013 won’t be going to Sonoma, since it never made it too Ventura. There is nothing wrong with Monterey and it will do me fine for a couple of years. I like the 2013, too bad it’s considered such an ugly duckling.

Let the journey begin, destination Mac Studio Ultra, departing Mac Pro 2010, with a stop over in Mac Pro 2013.

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