🎮 Gaming on Sonoma?

It was another quick hit, but what about that segment on gaming in Sonoma? Seeing Snowrunner listed in the Game Mode section got me excited. Is it possible quality gaming will come to the Mac?

Gaming is huge on the iPad with more choices than you can imagine. Sure, tons of them are ruined by in-app purchases, but there is no shortage of choices. The iPad is a mobile gaming powerhouse.

You also have to remember that when the Apple II made its mark, it was a stellar platform for games. Ultima, A Bard’s Tale, and Wizardry, all got their start on the Apple II. Not to mention, tons of game developers got their start making games for the Apple II.

Of course, there are games for the Mac, and some aren’t too terrible, but it’s high time we move on from the Hidden Object and free SimCity ripoffs with indecent amounts in-app purchases. Can we please have some games without idiotic cool downs?

I can’t speak for FPS and racing games, I don’t see those being embraced by the Mac fans, but I absolutely welcome the idea of playing Snowrunner on the Mac, and seeing quality titles from Steam ported to the Mac. But there’s the question, will the titles be available on Steam are a companion to the Window version, or will titles need to be listed in the Mac store? Hopefully it won’t matter and once Apple makes the tools available we’ll be treated to an exciting landscape of new games.

There are quite a few Mac games on Steam, but there are plenty more than don’t have a home yet. A partnership with Unity should bring some exciting offerings.

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