🥽 Little Zuckerberg dismisses Apple Vision

But that’s expected from a guy who’s losing billions because he doesn’t have a real business model, not mention his VR product is lackluster at best and fails to capture any real press or market share.

Zuckerberg dismisses Apple Vision because it doesn’t conform to his version of VR. Therein lies the problem, a vast majority of people don’t conform to Zuckerberg’s vision for VR.

Sure, there are people who want to jump around their living room with grips in their hands, pretending to be a Sith Lord, swinging wildly at open air, but for the other 95%, that’s dumb and has zero appeal.

Personally, I find that dumb. I have zero interest in doing that. And judging by VR sales, that is consensus. Even Carmack is stepping away from it.

Apple Vision on the other hand proves far more compelling to a far greater audience.

Despite Zuck’s propaganda, not everyone wants to connect virtually, for everything they do. They may want some immersion, but they don’t want to live in a virtual space.

Per the Apple demo, getting immersed in meditation, or a virtual mental break, seems pretty awesome, for a limited time. Zuckerberg is in a world where you wear the headset 24/7, which is idiotic.

Apple is also using the baby step of introducing spatial computing. People can work from the comfort of anywhere, that’s why they’re sitting on a couch. It’s the same casual style used for the iPad.

Will Apple Vision turn into a full blown VR headset? It most likely will, but it takes incremental steps to get there.

Google, Steam, and Meta have beaten people over the head with VR for years and it hasn’t taken off. There is no market penetration, and almost 0% interest from the public en masse. You need more than gaming and cosplay to sell a product to the masses.

Then along comes Apple with a solid piece of hardware, an all in one unit, that invites people to put their feet in the VR pool. They respond with, “Hmm, I see where you’re coming from with this. It’s expensive, but I like it.”

People look at the other offerings and simply walk away.

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