😈 Diablo IV? No gracias

I was taken by surprise. I didn’t realize another entry into the Diablo series was in the works. After nearly getting booed off the stage for Diablo Immortal, which I thought was Diablo IV, I figured Blizzard was busy keeping their heads down with the D2 Remaster to let the heat die down. Turns out they were working on D4 at the same time.

Imagine my surprise to not only hear there was a new Diablo, but that it was already released. Maybe it will make up for the reskin of WoW, that was Diablo 3.

That game was a total mess. I didn’t hear a single good word about it when it first released and the auction house was an abomination. It apparently got better with dozens of updates and DLC, but it’s still crap compared to D2.

So, what about Diablo IV?

First of all the story sounds ridiculous. Maybe it’s better when presented in the game, but reading the narrative is laughable. Soap opera?

It’s another one of those examples where it’s better to leave the audience wanting more. You’ve defeated all the Prime Evils presented in the original and excellent sequel. But wait, there’s one more…

From the videos I’ve watched, because I’m not spending $70, or $100 on Diablo, it’s a visually appealing game, but after a couple minutes it’s not something I would ever play.

It looks like a generic MMORPG. It’s less WoW this time around, but it’s not enough Diablo.

The numbers popping out over enemies heads is tiresome. That is such an annoying and distracting visual. Not to mention the text cues like, Vulnerable. When the hell did that become a style of Diablo?

The other aspect I found annoying is all the other players running around. That’s the MMO part, but there is no interacting with them, thus, no need for them to be there. They’re an annoying distraction. This is because D4 is an online only experience, which is terrible. Let me constantly deal with other people in the midst of my escapism. Lovely.

I wasn’t anticipating Diablo so by not playing I’m not missing out on anything. After looking at some early and late game play, it’s not a game I’ll pick up, even on a massive sale. I’ll look at some more footage, but nothing about the game looks appealing. D2 Remastered looks 10 times better and more playable.

Diablo, the original, was an amazing game. Diablo 2 improved on it with amazing loot, fantastic settings, an amazing soundtrack and sound scape, and areas that were different yet familiar.

Diablo 2 was, “Just one more level…”

Diablo 3 was a total miss.

Diablo 4 visually looks neat (mostly), has some interesting elements for an RPG, but I didn’t see anything compelling. It looks to be part of the Witcher series rather than Diablo.

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