🧰 Replacing the FipLab tools

With all the deleting files and removing apps, I’ve had to make a few changes. I’ve noted a few apps, that while good, haven’t seen an update in years. This is specifically true of FipLab, makers of Memory Cleaner 2/3, Window Manager, Mini Note, and a few others I have. I’m keeping Download Shuttle, although its days are numbered, and Smart Folder Cleaner, for now. I expect Download Shuttle will stop working any day now.

I’m on Mojave, where the OS isn’t changing, so why worry about apps not getting updated?

It’s a fair point. The apps work, and there are no issues. However, there are competitor apps getting updates and improvements. From the looks of things FipLab, which makes several decent tools, is a dead or dying company. I might be totally wrong, but when none of your apps show updates for 3 years, it gives a certain impression.

Mini Note lost the ability to sync notes. It’s still a decent app, but it’s not under development and doesn’t sync, so NoteList replaced it.

Memory Clean is on v3, but there aren’t any updates. It’s still a decent app, but it’s very passive compared to other memory managers.

Yes, I have a lot of ram on these Mac Pros, but I don’t need it clogged up when apps are closed. I have to kick it off each time and the lower threshold doesn’t handle the ram I have in this machine. I’ve switched to Memory Cleaner, which is far more active in releasing unused Ram. It actively monitors apps, and is also free. Why wouldn’t I upgrade?

Window Manager got replaced by Magnet. Window Manager works, but there is always room for improvement. Magnet is getting updates, so I have switched.

It’s a bit of irony, since I moved to Window Manager because it had been more than a year since Magnet had updates.

Further, these apps are fine for this machine, but the other Mac Pro is on Monterey. They probably work fine over there, but if there is something newer for the new OS, I’m going to upgrade. And if I’m upgrading in one place, I’m upgrading across the board.

FipLab makes some pretty cool stuff, and I’m keeping a couple apps for the time being. I’m currently looking for a replacement to Smart Folder Cleaner. I’d be fine to keep them around, but a new machine is here, and an even new one is on the horizon. More upgrades are needed.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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