🏌️‍♂️ Back to playing Let’s Golf on iPad

In wanting to get back and play some decent games on the iPad, I broke out the original and what should I find? Let’s Golf.

Ironically, I’m not a fan of golf. I don’t play golf, nor do I watch golf. Yet, for some reason, I think video golf is quite entertaining.

Let’s Golf was one of my first big game titles for the iPad when it came out. It seemed like the perfect kind of game for a tablet. And it was. It was a solid game with a couple of characters to choose from, four different courses with 18 holes each, and 3 difficulties. You would “score” against other players to see how you rank on the different difficulties. For a tablet game, it had all the features.

It was more arcade style, meaning it wasn’t all hung up on club selection, or how well/accurately you hit the ball. It was a really good game, but the sequels fell into the in-app purchase trap. As far as I can tell, there are no more entries in the series.

Still, a decade later the game still looks pretty decent and is fun to play. It’s colorful with a decent selection of courses to go through. The swing mechanic is familiar and easy to use. It’s a shame they didn’t keep going and update this for the iPad Pro. It would be a fun game on that large screen. That big screen could make for an immersive experience.

Let’s Golf takes me back to the days of Links and Microsoft Golf. That was another series I played, even though I don’t play golf. It looked pretty good for the day, with the trees, birds chirping, and commentary on how well the ball was hit. Considering the limitations of the hardware, it was a decent experience. The monitors may have been 14 inches, but the screen resolution was a fraction of the iPad Mini.

I remember Links 2.0, an early Windows game, the Links 386 series, and then it’s morphing to become Microsoft Golf. There was that horrid and hysterical entry of Extreme Golf.

I think the Golf 99 was one of the best. It looked really good for the day and had a fun soundtrack. It was just starting to get into the simulator genre, and the attempt to make the golf avatar look more realistic. It even had the realistic swing animation.

Of course, both series are long, long gone, which is a shame.

There are other golf games for the iPad, but they’re all multiplayer and require IAP. It would be fun to find a single player golf game again.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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