📭 I was wrong, there is still tons of spam, but SpamSieve is tossing them away

The battle rages on! Pretty sure I’m in the lead though.

Well, it was short lived. The drop in spam messages was just a lull in the action. It was nice for the 3 days it lasted, but it’s back to 40-50 messages a day. However, SpamSieve is in full swing, trashing every one of them, and working overtime.

I’ve had to pull back a handful of good emails to mark them as Good, but I haven’t had to Train any as spam. SpamSieve is way more accurate than I expected. I’d rather have a few good messages hit the bin than the other way around. Trash them all and let me sort them out! 🙂

Putting the initial mishap aside, which was my fault, SpamSieve is well worth the investment. Yes, there have been a few false positives, but not only is that expected, people write spammy emails messages, SpamSieve hasn’t made the same mistake twice. If I say a message is Good, it doesn’t Junk it again.

Those comments stating SpamSieve can snag and tag spam before you see it are totally accurate. There is a little work on the initial setup, but after that small hurdle, its hands off. At the start, I checked the Junk folder for mistakes, but I don’t need to any more. I have a peek for the sake of curiosity and amusement, but it’s all junk in there. The number of emails from Microsoft Account Team !! is staggering! No, I’m not getting hacked from Moscow no matter how many fake warnings I get.

If you’re tired of spam messages, meaning more than a couple per day, SpamSieve is the way to go. The training is minimal, and the results are immediate. 40 spam messages a day may not seem like a problem, but it’s a constant distraction. SpamSieve has removed that frustration and a mailbox without spam is a wonderful thing to experience.

All done though, SpamSieve is on autopilot.

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