🗯 Some quick thoughts on my new 2013 Mac Pro

I haven’t put this Mac Pro through all it’s paces, but I’ve loaded a few apps, done a few things, and have a few thoughts.

It’s not the colossal case of the 2010, but the 2013 Mac Pro is still a good looking machine. It’s a radical departure that only got one iteration, but I like it. It doesn’t really look like a computer. At first place you could easily mistake it for a bluetooth speaker.

It’s compact, so doesn’t take up much room, runs almost silently, and has plenty of ports to work with. It’s from 2013 and has USB 3.0 so you can plug in plenty of hardware. As far as workstations go, it’s a solid unit.

That compact size does put out a fair bit of heat though, even at idle. You can put your hand over the top and feel it.

The same is true for my 2010 Mac Pro, which has plenty of heat coming out the back the entire time it’s on. But, it also runs almost silently, even with multiple fans inside. Maybe it’s a good thing the heat vents straight up?

At already a decade old, it’s still a powerful and fast machine. It’s not M2 power, but it’s still a damn good machine for how I want to use it.

I’ve done some work in Affinity Photo v2, Hitpaw Object Remover, and Luminar Neo. All have been snappy and responsive. I’ve loaded plenty of files, made plenty of layers, and there are no issues.

Removing objects with Hitpaw was a breeze.

Making changes with Luminar Neo was easily handled.

So far there have been no issues, no lags, no hiccups. I’m pleased with the machine and how well it’s performing.

I’ve loaded my “legacy” apps and tried out several 10.15+ apps. They’ve all worked just fine.

There are plenty more tools to try, but I have no regrets on purchasing this machine.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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