🖱 Adding functionality to Finder with Mouseboost Pro

Mouseboost was a random discovery with features I couldn’t pass up. Despite the name, Mouseboost is targeted at improved File and Folder management in Finder.

PathFinder was my disk management tool of choice, until it proved itself to be a subscription, and got deleted.

Now back to using Finder, I wanted some of the same functionality – copy path, new file type, move/copy to a defined location, delete immediately, send to an app. All of that and more is possible with Mouseboost.

Mouseboost adds quite a bit of new functionality to Finder, or makes existing functionality easier to get to, through the right click menu. You can define common folder locations, send a file to a common app not necessarily the default app, launch a script, cut, and copy path.

These are all very handy features that once you start using them, you miss them when they’re gone. I use Copy Path all the time when working with macros. Finder doesn’t normally have Cut, but now it does. I usually move files to a standard list of folders, so having that available is big time saver.

With Mouseboost, you can make a new file of a specific file type such as Markdown, Shell, or Json. If you work with .css, .html, .js, or other file types this will speed up making a file structure.

A couple of other neat features out of the box include hide/unhide files, and kick off compressing a file. I know there are companies charging $5 for a utility to hide files.

To customize the experience, you can add apps, file types, remove menu items, create a list of common folders, create a list of common apps, build a list of scripts, and even set folder icons. It’s a pretty impressive list of options.

It’s not quite the same, but Mouseboost adds a host of functionality that makes Finder much closer to PathFinder like tools. With a little more configuration and maybe a couple of scripts, it would get even closer. I’m pretty satisfied with how it works now though.

The name might throw you off, but Mouseboost is a great enhancement to Finder by adding lot of power and flexibility to file and folder management.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.
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