JixiPix Summer Sale with 40% Off

There is a fantastic sale going on for 40% off the entire JixiPix line. Use the coupon HOT40SALE to save on the Premium Pack, Bundles, and individual titles.

I’m a huge fan of JixiPix and their art tools. Over the last two years, I believed I purchased each app they offer. I started with the Premium Pack + Pro Bundle, then filled in the rest over the next few sales. I use them standalone and within Affinity Photo.

I discovered them on a search to make a portrait look like an oil painting. That led me to Portrait Painter, which I love messing around with. Portrait Painter led me into Spektral Art, which can make images appear to glow, or melt, or look neon. I’ve got an entire desktop wallpaper collection of Spektral Art and beach scenes.

Thing is, these are incredibly versatile tools that can run standalone or within another app. And the collection of effects is near endless. If you want to have some fun with your images, JixiPix can help. There’s more than 20 different styles to choose from; Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, and even Comics.

Good stuff, but a limited time offer.

Thanks for reading you majestic sausage.
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