🗑 Back to the Spam

After removing myself from dozens of lists and backing away from dozens of services, I thought the Spam would ultimately trail off. Nothing of the sort. It’s worse now than ever before. It’s a slow day if I only get 30 Spam messages in a day.

Some of the worst items are:

  • Microsoft account team !!
  • Norton Antivirus
  • canvasprint
  • iCloud Important Notice

The types seem to come in waves, but right now messages with these titles come in multiple times per hour. That Microsoft one always lists the same IP address and the attack supposedly comes from Russia/Moscow.

The Spam attack is getting brutal, but some of the topics are straight up ridiculous. If only I’d really won that many DeWalt tools. If only I could have that many $500 gift certificates from Walmart.

And come on now, are these spammers really bringing back the, I’ve got $100 million I need help getting out of the country? Should I expect an AOL disc in the mail any day now too?

Maybe I should've written that in a different font.
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