🤖 ChatGPT in the next macOS release?

There’s a lot of guessing, speculating, and wishful thinking about Apple and ChatGPT. I’ve seen articles stating Apple is behind the Machine Learning curve because they don’t have an AI model.

That’s a silly assessment, and not quite true. Machine Learning is in dozen of Apple offerings, at the hardware and software level, so not having a ChatGPT client isn’t a setback.

However, who says they don’t have one?

I’m firmly convinced the next full release of macOS will have Apple’s flavor of ChatGPT built right in as a research tool sitting alongside the Dictionary tool.

I’m sure it will be filtered to shy away from certain religious and political questions, but will be an absolute gem for research questions. No need to stop what you’re doing, go to a website or find the right one if you’re just starting out, ask the question, sift through the ads, and hope the answer is real and not a fake ad trying to sell a product.

Apple’s GPT client will pull from Apple’s ever evolving language and data model. Yes, they will control the narrative, but I don’t see it slanted toward a certain point of view or pushing a certain agenda.

Maybe it gets banned in Florida for being too honest…

Based on how Apple handles other information ventures, I feel it will be quite neutral, fact based, source cited, and open to scrutiny and fact checking. But, how cool will that be to have a fast and efficient GPT client, powered by all those hopped up servers in the Apple datacenter? And just think how Macs will change in hardware and software to take advantage of GPT.

Their AI won’t render images, nor do I believe it will write essays or full on research papers. It won’t help you cheat, but will help you find information. It will help you proofread, rewrite, analyze, correct word usage, offer grammar examples, and stay on the path of being a tutor/mentor. But, you’ll need to do the work. I doubt it will respond to “Write an 800 word essay on…”

Who knows, maybe it will. Maybe Apple will only put up guardrails for privacy and safety and leave you to handle and use AI as you will. Maybe Apple will only filter idiotic ads, and asking how to make dangerous things.

What it looks like remains to be seen, but it really feels like the next macOS will have a GPT client that hooks into the Apple infrastructure, and takes advantage of the Apple ecosystem. Ask a question on your phone when the idea strikes and the answer is available on your Mac when you get home. Highlight and dig into a topic on your iPad and the information syncs to your other devices so you can keep researching and writing.

Apple isn ‘t behind on Machine Learning or Language Models, they’re under development and refinement and will make their debut with an ease and convenience that makes them accessible and beneficial to the greatest number of people.

I really need to get on the ball and get that new Mac so I can take advantage.

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