Removing duplicates and uninstalling apps from Bundlehunt

Bundlehunt is back with another quality sale and among the choices are Duplicate File Finder and App Cleaner and Uninstaller from Nektony.

What makes this a great deal is not only the low price, but it’s a low price on the non-subscription, standalone version. Nektony makes good software, but their pricing model is horrific. You can either pay by the month, the year, or pay five times the value of the software as a lump sum just so you can keep using it beyond the year and never receive any more upgrades.

Their pricing model, like that of MacPaw is ridiculous and normally I steer clear because it’s a stupid amount to pay, and pay, and pay. They are the epitome of why I hate software subscriptions.

But, both companies make quality software, so when a deal comes along I’m not going to say no.

Duplicate File Finder is an excellent tool for finding and removing duplicates. Like other apps it can detect duplicates in documents, audio, images, and other document types. Like other software it struggles with video types, unless they are literally a duplicate. If they’re similar as in same content but different resolutions they won’t get detected.

App Cleaner and Uninstaller does a good job of completely removing applications, startup programs, extensions, and leftover apps files. It can be more thorough than some other uninstallers, which is good, but double check what you’re removing.

I use Duplicate File Finder more frequently than App Cleaner, because I run BuhoCleaner (from another Bundlehunt sale) on a weekly basis. Still, this is a good bundle with a great price.

Each app is $4, which is a far cry from the $70 they normally ask. Really, $70 to avoid the subscription, and no upgrades? Lame.

However, at $4 a piece, there is nothing to complain about.

If you’ve got duplicates lingering around, and we all do, and you have leftover apps to remove, which we all have, Duplicate File Finder and App Cleaner and Uninstaller will help clean up your system and recover drive space. It’s really the only maintenance a Mac needs.

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