Friday afternoon cleanup with BuhoCleaner

Even though App Cleaner and Uninstaller is on sale at Bundlehunt, I have a weekly task to run BuhoCleaner. Keyboard Maestro fires it up on Fridays so I don’t have to remember.

I install a lot of apps during the week because I’ll try out 6 variations on a tool. I like trying out software to know if there is a better tool than the one I have. When I’m on a roll, my machine has a lot of tools I no longer need.

Sure, you can drag apps to the Trash, but plenty gets left over. Not every app stores its information in the Application folder/subfolder. To really remove an app and its support files it should be uninstalled, this is where BuhoCleaner comes in.

BuhoCleaner is a clean and efficient app to remove junk files, uninstall apps, find large files, check for duplicates, display startup items, securely delete files, and shows which apps you haven’t used in a long time.

This was another Bundlehunt special and it gets used weekly. I’ve removed at least 100 apps with BuhoCleaner, and each week I add to that tally. Each week I see what I have installed, what I’m using, what’s taking up space, and which unused apps I could remove.

Unlike other tools, BuhoCleaner is a non-subscription, one-time purchase. There are no prompts, no nags, no reminders that I need to do something. The only prompt I get is to update, which happens on a regular basis, which I’m happy about.

As an example, I can see that 4K Video Downloader is taking up nearly 17GB of space. That’s a bit excessive since the files are in Downloads.

One of the support folders has a massive 16GB log file in it. Pretty sure I don’t need that.

BuhoCleaner is a great tool and one of the few maintenance tools I need to run. It gets rid of the apps I’m not using to save drive space and to make sure I don’t pick the wrong app for a project. That Open With menu can get overwhelming.

It has a suite of tools to keeping things tidy and efficient. It also lets you know which apps you are and aren’t using so you can make informed upgrade decisions.

BuhoCleaner offers a squite of tools in a clean UI
Handcrafted with care just for you.
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