Viewing images with iSee Image Browser

Another tool from DummyApps, this time for images, is iSee Image Browser, which I use for quickly finding, sorting, and deleting images. But, with so many image viewers what makes this one different?

I prefer iSee because of the cost, browsing layout, it doesn’t make a catalog, and the image sorting.

  • iSee is a staggering $2 from the App Store
  • I like the browsing layout with a large image on the left, and series of thumbnails on the right. This makes it quick and easy to scroll through images and find the one I want. Or I can switch to the List view.
  • Unlike other apps, iSee doesn’t make a catalog file, so it’s up to date and doesn’t leave behind a massive file that’s out of date by tomorrow.
  • The image sort using Width or Height is a massive benefit when setting up desktop wallpaper. I have monitors in portrait and landscape modes, so I have different wallpaper for each. I can sort them correctly then drag them into the correct folders.

There are lots of other features, like zoom, rotate, side by side layout, top vs bottom layout, search, and adding files from multiple locations into a single view, and slideshow.

I’ve used iSee to review, move, and delete thousands of images. I can pick my images, drag them to Retrobatch, move them to another folder, remove them from the “catalog” or delete them off the drive.

iSee is also smart enough to read selected files, a folder, or folder and subfolder. And no need to worry about other file formats, if it’s not an image type, iSee skips it, no errors or throwing up.

Another very handy feature of iSee is that is can be driven by mouse or keyboard. You can scroll through images using the keyboard, or click to the right or left to move to the next.

I’ve been through a lot of image viewers and catalogers, including NeoFinder, but iSee is the tool I use on a daily basis. It’s fast, feature rich, and lets me find, delete, and move exactly the files I want without messing around.

An easy way to review, catalog, and sort images
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