Converting audio and video with Permute

The number of converter apps out there is almost overwhelming, perhaps even maddening if you just want to get the job done. Permute is the other part of the Downie combination that converts files between formats and extracts audio.

Permute reads and writes to multiple formats, but by default there are presets for MP4, MP3, AAC and settings for specific mobile devices. If you need more, go into Preferences and define a new Preset.

My uses include extracting audio from a video file, converting .mov to .mp4, and the occasional conversion to MP3.

For my needs it’s a three step process, drag the video files onto Permute, select MP3 as the format, click Convert.

After a time, I have the full audio track as a separate file.

Permute can also trim, crop if you’re trying to make something specific. I’ve never had need to go this route, but I have used the Stitch Together feature, which is available through the settings icon after you add some files.

It’s streamlined and efficient. For my conversion needs, I drag the file, set the format and let is rip. I’ve had it extract an 11 hour audio track from a file without incident.

Unless you’re an audio engineer, Permute should handle whatever conversion task you throw at it, and it’s a fraction of the price of other converters. I’ve messed around with Unconverted, Cisdem Converter, Videoproc, and others, but they’re not installed anymore. Permute handles everything I need.

Drag the clips, select the Preset, click Convert
Define additional Presets
Then again, I could be wrong.
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