Upgrading to Keyboard Maestro 10

I wasn’t expecting this, so a nice present for the end of the year. There is a new Keyboard Maestro 10 available, and I’ve wasted no time in upgrading. When I purchased my license in 2019, I debated and wondered if I would really use Keyboard Maestro. I read one review after another, and while all of them had praise, they painted a different picture of what Keyboard Maestro could do and what it was used for. With the trial version installed, I was presented with a tool that looked a lot like the built-in Automator. Familiar, yet powerful. But, as I read the Wiki, and looked at some of the examples in the forums, I began to see the power and benefit of Keyboard Maestro. It took a little while for it all to click. Yes, it could launch applications. Yes, it could record keyboard actions. Yes, it did have a clipboard manager. Yes, it could be used as […]

🎮 Idle games for iPad

I’m not fully versed in “idle” games, but I have come to discover I quite like them. There are times when we like a game distraction, but aren’t in the mood for twitch reflexes, overt strategy, and investing hours for a quest setup only to be defeated at the last second. That’s where “idle” games come in. So far, I find myself investing time in Tides and My Oasis. Rest assured, there are dozens more. This seems to be a blossoming genre in the App Store. Of course, if you want the best idle game experience, you need GodVille. 🙂 Basically, an idle game is one that takes minimum actual play time on your part. You set the wheels in motion, put the game aside, and check back in a few hours to continue your progress. While the game sits idle, you earn “currency” that can be used to upgrade you to the next tier. Idle games don’t take skill […]

Using an iPad Pro with Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2021

November is known for many things including NaNoWriMo. This year, I actually have a story idea I want to pursue, so I’ve decide to play along using a two pronged attack, the Mac Pro and the iPad Pro.The main work will be done on the Mac, using the following tools: Scrivener for writing DevonThink Office Pro for research TaskPaper for outlining, tracking and task management For the iPad Pro 12.9, I’m going with the following: Scrivener for iOS DevonThink ToGo (synched with the Mac) Story Planner (May not be needed Although I’ve used Scrivener on the Mac for 5 years, I’ve never tried it for the iPad. I’m going the cheap route and using a standard Bluetooth keyboard and a simple stand. The Magic Keyboard would be a festive touch, but who has that kind of money? The iPad Pro will be my laptop and give me a chance to step away and really focus when I need to hit […]

⌘ The power of the Yoink

I’ve seen Yoink mentioned as an efficiency tool with lots of praise, but never quite understood the usage. I use a two pane file manager, so the concept went over my head. I tried Dropzone, but it never quite stuck. I put what in here? Then Yoink appeared on the front page of the App Store and for $5, I figured I should have another look. Plus, the demo was different than expected. It wasn’t until I was in DevonThink Office Pro that its power became apparent. I wanted to organize my notes, and while dragging, the Yoink container appeared. I needed to move notes from several different folders in a different database. It then hit me. I could drop all the files into Yoink, move to where I wanted, then drag them out at the destination. I wouldn’t have to keep going back to the source to get more files. “How cool is that?!” Yoink isn’t just for files. […]