New update for Ask the Tiki

I forgot to mention, we pushed out an update for Ask the Tiki. This brings us to version 1.1 and with that we now have over 500 phrases of wisdom as well as new shake to ask features and several other optimizations. We have some additional new features planned, plus you never know when more phrases will make their way into the code. As always, Ask the Tiki is still free even though the pearls of wisdom it offers up are absolutely priceless!  

Ask The Tiki is ready for download!

Ask The Tiki is ready for download in the app store. It’s free and should only take a moment. Plus, its features and capabilities are so awesomely powerful that you need iOS4 in order to run it! Jobs is at one with the Universe and the Tiki taps into that power to bring you spiritual answers from beyond this plane of understanding. So while you’re downloading iOS4, you should take a moment to bring peace and enlightenment into your life and download Ask The Tiki. You have nothing to lose except doubt and uncertainty. Do you have questions about life and the meaning of it all? Do you have doubt and uncertainty about what to do next? Are people looking to you for answers but you have nothing to offer them? Have no fear, Ask The Tiki is here. Don’t dwell in darkness anymore, let The Tiki give you spiritual guidance. Clear your mind, concentrate on that which you really […]

Ask The Tiki – Submitted to the App Store

  We have also submitted a new free app to the store. Ask The Tiki follows in the foot steps of the magic 8-ball and fortune cookies.  Think of your question and press the button to Ask The Tiki for advice.  However, it should be noted that this Tiki may be cursed. the advice you get isn’t always helpful.  This app is also ad supported with the new iAd’s system. Game should be released around June 24th when the new iOS4 version comes out.