Electronic Arts Sale

EA Mobile has put several games on sale ranging from SimCity to The Sims to Spore. Check out the prices below. SimCity™ Deluxe Price: $4.99 -> $.99 The Sims 3 Ambitions Price: $4.99 -> $2.99 The Sims 3 Price: $6.99 -> $2.99 The Sims 3 World Adventures Price: $2.99 -> $1.99 Spore™ Creatures Price: $6.99 -> $.99 Spore™ Origins Price: $1.99 -> $.99 And don’t forget that Angry Birds has been snapped up by EA for a reported $20 million, plus there is a new Angry Birds Halloween Edition. I haven’t jumped on the Angry Birds bandwagon yet, but I will admit, the Halloween themed one has my attention.

GT Racing: Motor Academy on sale for $0.99

The most comprehensive & realistic racing simulation comes to your iPhone/iPod touch. Experience the finest driving sensations ever by controlling one of over 100 cars featured in GT Racing: Motor Academy. Step by step, you’ll earn your place in the circle of racing’s best drivers on the App Store. THE GREATEST LICENSED CONTENT EVER 25 manufacturers and more than 100 licensed cars to buy, drive and upgrade, from the Nissan GT-R and Audi R8 to the greatest Ferrari models. Take your wheels for a spin on 14 tracks, including the iconic Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, urban and even rally tracks. THE MOST DIVERSE RACING EXPERIENCE Numerous game modes, from a huge Career mode with several driving tests, challenges and money rewards, to an Arcade mode and online competitions. Buy tons of car parts to optimize your car’s performance and race with 6 different driving sensations, including an exclusive branded cockpit view for each manufacturer. Begin as a rookie and pass […]

Pro Zombie Soccer on sale for $0.99

In the continuing zombie adventures and probably because it’s getting close to Halloween, Pro Zombie Soccer is on sale for $0.99. It’s gotten a lot of positive reviews and has been in the $1.99 price range, so a 50% price drop is always a good thing. If you’re looking for some more zombie mayhem then jump on board! Like zombies? Love soccer? Well get your soccer gear on, ‘cause it’s time for PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER from Chillingo and Super Awesome Hyper-Dimensional Mega Team! No one ever needed an excuse to go out and kill zombies. Or to kick a soccer ball around. But if you want an excuse to kick a soccer ball into space, realign an orbital weapons platform and launch a death-ray to explode the heads of the zombies sneaking into your soccer field – then THIS IS IT! NON-STOP ACTION Pro Zombie Soccer’s intuitive control system offers a torrent of incredibly deep, satisfying and addictive zombie-blasting action, […]

Big Weekend Sales!

Wow, a lot of studios are putting their games on sale right before the weekend. Electronic Arts has a bundle of games at the $0.99 and the $1.99 level and so does Gameloft. In addition Ubisoft has a sale on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Sega has put Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on sale, and LucasArts has once again put the Monkey Island series on sale. 2K Games has put Civilization Revolution on sale for $0.99 and even the classic Myst has gone on sale. PopCop has Bookworm and Peggle on sale too. Pac-Man Championship Edition hit $0.99 as well. I mean holy hell that’s a lot of fantastic games at a massive savings. There’s a lot going on, it’s hard to keep up! And I bet more are coming. Where to begin? $0.99 Civilization Revolution ($6.99 -> $0.99) Soccer Superstars ($2.99 -> $0.99) 9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2011 ($4.99 -> $0.99) Baseball Superstars 2010 ($2.99 -> […]

Bookworm for $0.99

This is one of my favorite word games. I’ve played this on the PC and I’ve spend plenty of time playing it on the iPod Touch. It’s so simplistic, but so well done. Bookworm has dropped in price down to $0.99. If you like any sort of word game then this needs to be added to your collection.