AFKSoft WordSearch Puzzle for iPhone and iPod Touch

So many word games, so little time! Here is another of my latest acquistions, WordSearch from AFKSoft. If you recall, AFKSoft is also the group that makes Worded Pro which has turned out to be one of my favorite games. I play this game all the day. Whenever I have a spare 5 minutes I’m usually playing a quick game. I’ve had the desire to get a word search game for the past week or so. However, a lot of the games in the app store seemed pretty bland. They had pre-programmed boards and their repeat playability seemed limited. By some good luck I noticed that AFKSoft made a word search game and since I like Worded so much I bought their other game. At $0.99 I figured I really had nothing to lose. Even though these guys are selling games for $0.99, they aren’t cheap. These are full featured and beautifully rendered games. The games are glossy with quality […]

Bookworm for iPhone and iPod Touch on sale for $0.99!

You can get Bookworm by PopCap Games for 80% off for 1 week only! Sales ends August 5, 2009. Right now Bookworm is only $0.99! The normal price is $4.99 so this is a tremendous savings! Looks like Bookworm is getting some competition from Wordsworth and its $0.99 pricetag. But hey, this is a great win for everybody. If you like word games then Bookworm should be in your collection. I’ve been having a great time with Wordsworth, now this will give me the best of both worlds. Bookworm plays just like the PC version and between the two games you should have hours of entertainment ahead of you. It’s not quite blasting Zombies, but still, both of these are great games. Bookworm in the Apps Store Bookworm 1.0 Category: Entertainment Price: $4.99 -> $0.99 ( iTunes ) Description: SUPER SALE – GET BOOKWORM FOR 80% OFF FOR 1 WEEK ONLY! SALE ENDS AUGUST 5, 2009. Join us as we […]

They ordered the wrong bumper

I got a call from the body shop and they ordered the wrong bumper. They got one for a MazdaSpeed 6, not the regular 6. They claim the right one will show up today and that the car will be done tomorrow. I have my doubts.

Training for the ride

I finally had time to get on the bike trainer last night in preparation for this crazy bike ride I signed up for. An hour and half isn’t too big a deal, but I’ll need to be able to go for at least three hours to finish. Hopefully slow and steady will get me through. 🙂 I’ll do another hour and half tonight.

Apparently a bumper takes a week to install

What I thought was going to be a simple process has now turned into a week long wait while they put a new bumper on my car. It sounded like the body shop had the bumper and it would only take a day to paint it, coat it and put it on. Now it seems that is a two day process once the bumper actually comes in. I dropped the car off on Monday, and it’s been sitting there with no work being done on it for the past three days. It’s perfectly driveable but I can’t have it. They won’t actually start working on it until tomrrow and maybe have it done by Friday. This isn’t even close to what I expected when I dropped it off. I guess I should have known there would be problems when a “15 minute estimate” took nearly an hour to complete.