End of the decade

So here we are on the last day of the year. I remember how 2000 came in, and it wasn’t good (the fact that I remember it means it wasn’t good). You remember all that B.S. hype around the whole Y2K problem (that never actually turned into anything?), well I was one of the IT people at the ready in a call center should something happen. I had to start work at 5am, so clearly having a party with friends was out of the question, but most of them were at work with me anyway. Back in 2000 we had a lameass toast with cheap apple cider (since none of us could drink – drinking and troubleshooting just don’t mix) and then we all sat around in the building until we had to go to work. There was no point in going home since I would have to drive 30 minutes and face all manner of checkpoints and drunks, then […]

Norton Internet Security 2010 – $33.99

Just in case you don’t already have an AV solution, Buy.com is selling Norton Internet Security 2010 for $33.99 plus free shipping. I just bought my copy today. It’s a 3 PC license, so that’s only $10 bucks a PC and 50% off the regular price. Not bad kids! Norton Internet Security 2010

My favorite apps of 2009

Since everyone else is listing their favorite apps for 2009, I thought I would go ahead and throw in my .02 cents worth. There’s tons of good software out there, but this is the list of stuff I pretty much use everyday. I use these at home and at work. Writing/Publishing Microsoft OneNote 2007 Microsoft LiveWriter Notepad++ WordPress I obviously use WordPress on a daily basis for my blogs and Live Writer is one of the best tools for publishing articles. It might be a couple years old now but OneNote is one of the handiest apps I’ve used in a long time. Grabbing notes from the web and compiling research is a breeze with it. And Notepad++ is the best plain text editor out there. Graphics Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 Adobe Lightroom 2 Irfanview FastStone Image Viewer These are the graphics apps I use pretty much every day. Irfanview is my primary viewer and FastStone is a great […]

Holy Crap, Everything’s On Sale!

I mean damn, everybody has games on sale right now. Impulse is selling off tons of games at dirt cheap prices. And what Impulse isn’t selling, Steam seems to have in stock. I’ve bought dozens of games over the past couple of days and I have some kickass entertainment ahead of me. And if by chance the PC market isn’t your thing, then there are tons of games for the iPhone at dirt cheap prices. Lots of companies have dropped the price to $0.99. It’s a good time to be buying software.